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Cherry Lips by FFTLRoxUS Cherry Lips :iconfftlroxus:FFTLRoxUS 0 0 Growing Love by FFTLRoxUS Growing Love :iconfftlroxus:FFTLRoxUS 0 1 Life in a box by FFTLRoxUS Life in a box :iconfftlroxus:FFTLRoxUS 0 3
You can have or make a new friend pretty fast,
well actually I can.
Not all are great,
some might be pretty fake.
But you always have true ones,
I'm the one who does.
I'm a true friend back,
its a fact.
The only ones I love I'll name,
amd none are the same.
Vicky, Gisela, April, Ruebn, Sonia, Alma
Jessica, Tabatha, Gisela, thier all I love!
:iconfftlroxus:FFTLRoxUS 0 0
After All
After all this time,
you've played with my mind.
Is it fun; entertaining to you,
anyway I'm the one to lose.
You have broken my heart,
and my mind so far.
You know I could have been the one,
but your the one who won.
I don't cry,
I just sigh.
Why should I cry for you now,
tell me for what..why..and how.
I'm just your friend thats it,
ok really whatever I feel no saddness not a bit.
I'm not angry also no reason to be,
after all I see.
I'm a toy was I fun for a while,
now I'm the one to smile!
:iconfftlroxus:FFTLRoxUS 1 2
Small but pretty by FFTLRoxUS Small but pretty :iconfftlroxus:FFTLRoxUS 1 0 Bright by FFTLRoxUS Bright :iconfftlroxus:FFTLRoxUS 2 0 Going down by FFTLRoxUS Going down :iconfftlroxus:FFTLRoxUS 0 0 Seeing by FFTLRoxUS Seeing :iconfftlroxus:FFTLRoxUS 0 1 Hiding by FFTLRoxUS Hiding :iconfftlroxus:FFTLRoxUS 1 0 Waiting for me by FFTLRoxUS Waiting for me :iconfftlroxus:FFTLRoxUS 1 0 untitled by FFTLRoxUS untitled :iconfftlroxus:FFTLRoxUS 1 1
You tear me up
You know I love you you should know,
I've been thinking about lots of stuff and I know your thinking so.
You see you tear me up inside,
your tear my heart open wide.
You don't hurt me but you 'cause me thoughts,
you see I really love you and realy care about you without a doubt.
But I don't know if you can see it too,
you can just be ignoring it and looking at the sky so blue.
Look at me,
do you see me.
Do you want to see me,
do you really love me?
You make me think if I should say what I want to,
is it the thing to do.
What if I say something your not ready for or don't want to hear,
thats what I don't want to happen its my fear.
You see I might say something that might make you think,
and before you know it you've blinked.
Time passes and where are we then do you see a future with me,
you see I might have asked something thats to far to think about but I do want to be with you then and now..thats just me.
You tear me up inside and out,
you make me cry in fear out loud.
I hate showing
:iconfftlroxus:FFTLRoxUS 1 22
Confusion everywhere
Words everywhere how to tell if they are true I don't know,
is there a way of telling if there is how so..?
I need a direct path someone who will be just direct with what they feel,
because I don't need more pain and aches...when I'm still not well I'm learning how to heal.
Mummbles and words don't mean a thing if they mean nothing to you no meaning,
if you have no meaning then you must have no feeling.
To love me you need to love everything about me..even my flaws,
no ones perfect everyone has done something wrong.
Mine are simple and easy to tell,
but now I am good and kind of well.
I don't need more wrong doings in my life,
no more games I want a direct path.
So just be clear,
or are you queer?
I don't care if you are,
your distant with me and far.
Evertyhing you'd said running through my head,
where has it lead?
To this point where nothing has changned this whole time,
were still not together your still not mine.
I just sigh and look down,
I've burdened a greater frown.
I'm going o
:iconfftlroxus:FFTLRoxUS 0 13
My soon to be death
No one lives forever,
I'll never end up together.
With anyone really,
I have to beat every feeling.
I'm stronger then that of turning my back on my feelings for others like them,
I'm not like them I'm not confusing or nor do I decieve I'm nothing like them nothing the same.
My death will have bitter love to this,
but lost soul lost lifes bliss.
Death is not far,
my view has got dark.
It will soon be full of darkness and no light,
then there will be no sight.
No one wimpering and crying,
they'll be so sorry for all thier lying.
You should apoligize while you can,
my love for everyone used to be lifes fan.
Now thier born rivals for the pain,
will you say sorry did I hear a sorry am I still sane?
Slowly by slowly you won't care about me no one does completly at all right now,
tell me how you can perfer another one in your life when I've helped everyone as much as I
The music playing in my head,
is that enough said?
Do you need more sobs and tears,
while I'm dead you will live f
:iconfftlroxus:FFTLRoxUS 0 1
I don't know
Why are you wanting this break,
this so called break has opened me and I'm awake.
You hurt me and you said I was different and being mean,
I wasn't did you see the pain in my words...I thought they could be seen.
I know you don't like me but I'll always love you,
please don't go like that..we have so much to do.
Why did I ever have to start loving you when all I would get back were false remarks,
when you said things I loved to hear I thought we had some sort of sparks.
I was wrong...I was the only one who ever felt that way,
stop saying that you never lied just stay quiet you have nothing helpful to say.
My heart will always be broken by you even though you don't want to accept that fact,
and by now your with her and laughing do you even think of me your full of lies in your torn up sack.
Its been broken and the truth has come out,
huh..oh yeah your quiet now how about that?
Look into my eyes,
I've never lied.
I've always loved you and still will,
I don't want to go through the proces
:iconfftlroxus:FFTLRoxUS 0 5



United States
Current Residence: McAllen
Personal Quote: Life is like a box of chocolates.
ok ya well christ day coming...hmm not a big "fan" lol ha ha i kno yall mainly like the darn golly PRESENTS huh huh?
ya i aint stup lol but really what i like most about it is the weather or "climate" change lol
and ya there is a diff lol I kno! lol *lightbulb*
well right now im moping alone hearing to songs i really like but just get more *puts thumb down* lol  like
perfect situation by weezer
i caught fire by the used
on my own by the used
rain by barefoot
truly madly deeply by savage garden

*sigh* lol
i real bored!
lol I might sound like a "geek" or a "dork" but i cant wait til' tomorrow when im gonna go see the chronicles of narnia i was gonna go tonight BUT lol tickets were SOLD out! lol
so now i gots to wait!! and oo *sigh* my lil niece's party is tomorrow as

heres a short poem guys out of the random

I'll always be on my own,
I love being alone.
I won't get hurt,
I won't get treated like dirt.
Scream at the top of my lungs and breathe in,
my life baried and covered by your sin.
Wanting and wishing is what make people live,
if they could just see the good in this earth we would all win.
I walk alone,
I'm on my own.

you know what song yall should hear Poetic Tragedy by the Used that always been 1 of my Fav.'s lol so yall should like check it out!

well i suppose thats it I feel crappy by the way...and lonely..and bored! lol


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